A New Adventure Begins

Signing the Oath of Office in my office
Those of you who have been following my blog and my social networking status updates know that I have been working toward commissioning as an Army Reserve Chaplain.  I have posted previously about why I want to be a Chaplain, and have also talked about my time going through the MEPS in preparation for Army Chaplaincy.  Already, the journey has been quite an adventure as I have had the opportunity to witness and experience God's grace through meeting Army Chaplains and others who support this vital ministry.  Throughout the process I have been strengthened and challenged in my faith as I seek to honor God through this calling.

I am blessed to have the opportunity of knowing a brother in the Lord who is in my congregation and is also a retired Army officer, a Lieutenant Colonel to be more precise.  George had offered to swear me in when my oath arrived, and sure enough on 6 June around 1300, he did just that.  I am blessed because I know that my congregation is supporting me in this endeavor, knowing that there will be times that I will need to be absent to fulfill my Reserve duties.  In essence, I will be serving another church, yet this church will not have a church building per se.  This is one of the most exciting aspects of Army Chaplaincy that I am honored to be a part of.  Although I have yet to be assigned a unit, I know that God's hand is upon the process.

Please continue in prayer for me and my family as we continue to navigate the continued process and as Maria and the boys transition to life as an Army Reserve family.  I know they are making a great sacrifice as well and they need to be recognized for their dedication to this call.  Again, I am blessed to be surrounded by such affirming people.  

I will do my best to keep you updated throughout the continued process.  Keep checking back for updates!

God is good!   All the time!

Until next time...

Pro Deo Et Patria - For God and Country

Chaplain (1LT) Aaron Kesson
(I've been waiting to use this!)


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