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Relationships Matter

Remember the song, "Here is the church, here is the steeple, open up the doors and see all the people"?  I still enjoy doing the hand motions along with this song as I sing along with my children.

This song gives a clear message - The Church IS the people.  Another truth is blatantly clear - If you go to church, you will run into people (hopefully!)  

Read the gospel accounts of Jesus hanging out with people.  Who did he hang out with?

religious people people who don't care about religion people who had questions people who thought they had answers people who thought they had it all people who had nothing marginal people good - hearted people hard - hearted people healthy people hurting people ordinary people
Chances are, these people are in YOUR church!
How we interact with one another is central to the kingdom of God.  Relationships matter!
Even when we disagree with one another.  Especially when we disagree with one another, relationships matter!
Much like our churches today, …

Tragedy and Callousness

Ever since hearing the news on Saturday afternoon that Rick Warren's son, Matthew took his own life I have been wrenched in my heart and have experienced heaviness upon my soul.  It has been difficult to sleep and to focus on things that, for the time being seem so insignificant compared to the deep mourning and sadness the Warren family must be experiencing during this time.  I have spoken many prayers, in silence and out loud for the Warren family and many others who have experienced (and continue to experience) this pain.

I also feel sick to my stomach, not only in hearing of this tragedy, but in witnessing the responses of many who claim to be brothers and sisters in Christ.  Not long after reading the news on Twitter and Facebook, I began reading responses from readers, many encouraging and uplifting as they offered prayers and virtual "hugs".  However, as I read further I began to see other comments that stank of judgment, callousness, darkness, and spewed hate-fill…