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Staying Alive - or How I Survive Holy Week

Throughout the season of Lent, I have been preaching a series on the Journey of Stones, based on a book and series of the same name by Steven Molin.  The stones represent our failures and sins in trying to follow anything but God's ways.  The Journey of Stones has been a great way for our church family to experience the importance of self-denial and taking up our own cross in following Jesus.

Now that it is holy week, and Easter is approaching at light-speed, I experience what I am sure many other pastors experience during this time - stress. More than stress of deadlines for printing bulletins and preparing the worship space, I'm talking about the stress of practicing what I have been proclaiming from the pulpit.  Over the past five weeks, I have been immersed in and living in the space of metaphor, allusion, and symbolism of the stones that have been laid at the foot of the empty cross in our sanctuary.  Week after week I have placed my stones in the burlap-lined basket, se…