I Am A Sheepdog

I have decided to rename this blog The Sheepdog Blog.  A few years ago, I was in conversation with my District Superintendent regarding what it means to be a pastor.  He suggested that, as we follow the True Shepherd (Jesus), we are called as clergy to be the sheepdog - keeping watch over the flock, helping to keep them on the path, and sometimes barking, but never biting.  He reminded me that sheepdogs get kicked, bit, and even maimed at times as the sheep try to go their own way off the path the shepherd has set before them.  The sheepdog will always put the sheep first, protecting them at all costs, and making sure they know where the safe places are.  In my time as a pastor (going on 8 years now!), I have come to realize this reality and have taken the call to be a sheepdog as a way of life.

See you in the fields!


  1. Also a good image. Does this mean you'll be using less caffeine? ;)


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