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Who's Following You?

So many times in life, it is the simple and seemingly insignificant moments that prove to be the most profound and life-changing.  Often, for me the life-changing events occur when I am spending time with my family, more specifically with my boys.  This was the case yesterday morning as I was preparing to take Andrew to school:

After warming up the car and opening the door for the boys to sit, I saw that Joshua was taking his sweet time walking from the house.  Being that the temperature was a balmy 8 degrees, I was slightly less than patient with my little angel.  I asked him to step it up, and asked what in the world he was doing.  Joshua's reply hit me like a ton of bricks.  "Daddy, I'm just walking in your footprints."  It totally rocked my day.  Step by step, Joshua was hopping from one print to the next, imprinting his tiny shoe treads within mine...
  • How often do we stop what we are doing and take the time to see who is following us? 
  • What kind of example are we setting for those who are so focused on following in our steps that they pay no mind to their own comfort?  
  • What if we were to follow Jesus in the same manner?  
Maybe the answer is found in observing our children for just a little while longer.  Just a thought...



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