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Giving It All Away

A few weeks ago, I had an opportunity to talk with a gentleman who was visiting our church during an annual event.  After introducing myself as the pastor, the man felt it was necessary to tell me about his previous church experiences with many different congregations and the issues he had with each one, and the reasons he left those churches.  He then asked me the question, "do you preach about money?" to which I replied "I believe preaching about money and possessions is vitally important for Christian growth".  His response took me by surprise as he stated "I don't go to church anymore, and I certainly will not give money anymore because all the church does is give it away."  Wow!  My internal dialogue immediately began inside my head as I thought to myself how great it would be if the world really saw the Church doing this, and of course, if the Church actually followed through in giving it away.  I did respond to the man by simply stating "W…

The Creative Dilemma

I have an issue (I know, just one of many I'm sure)... I lack creativity.  And yet I have a strong desire and craving for creative ideas.  BUT... simply thinking about being creative is painfully slow! and really quite honestly, drives me nuts just thinking about it.

SOOOOO... I blog about it, hoping that just maybe some mis-firing neuron hiding out in the cob web encroached recesses of my brain will miraculously become energized and send a scud missile full of nuclear creativity that causes my brain to explode with ideas... Hey, there was a moment!

Anyway, I was doing a Google search for "creativity ideas for un-creative people" (Just the search in itself may prove to be 'creative').  In the results I found a link for this, which basically says people who think creativity is a goal typically think the creativity of others is a load of bologna crap.  A light went on!  Really, a light went on somewhere in the muscle between my ears (I know, it's an organ, not…