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Orange Barrels, 6AM, And Complaints

You've heard the phrase "cheaters never prosper", well another phrase rings quite true "complainers never prosper".  Yesterday morning, our local group of pastors met at my church for our weekly gathering to talk about "official" pastor things and to solve the problems of the world (okay, maybe I'm stretching this a bit so suffice it to say we met, drank coffee, and talked... a lot).  At one point our discussion was focused on the importance of praise in the lives of Christians.  For some reason that small discussion stuck in my mind as I went for my morning run today, but only after I sprained my ankle from thinking I was superman and could jump the hole the excavator had dug the day prior.  Needless to say, spraining my ankle caused me to utter a few words that were, shall we say, a little less than pastoral ;0)  and I continued to walk (ok, hobble) and began to complain how much it sucked that my ankle was sprained and how much I have been tryi…