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A Tip For New Pastors - Get A Haircut

As of July 1, 2012 I have been appointed to serve as pastor of Manchester United Methodist Church in Manchester, MI.  In the United Methodist tradition, our bishops along with the appointive cabinet have assigned pastors to their respective churches, and as a United Methodist pastor I have agreed to "itinerate" as the bishop calls and the Lord leads.

Upon arrival to Manchester, I realized that my hair was beginning to make me look like a shaggy dog and naturally I went for a haircut.  I found a great barber shop in downtown Manchester called Reed Barbering (yes, there really is a downtown in Manchester! And it's beautiful!).  As I sat waiting for my turn to be up, there were three other gentlemen ahead of me - two of them were farmers who had clearly been up and working longer than I had even been awake that morning.  I could tell that they were local farmers because of their conversation about crops and livestock, as well as the farm-fresh scent they brought with them …