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Real Men Share Their Feelings

I do not consider myself a feelings kind of person, nor do I talk nearly enough about my feelings with my wife.  However, we both experienced a weekend where we had no outside distractions, meals taken care of, and lots of time to spend talking about and expressing our feelings with one another.  This rare opportunity to spend time away from kids, work, and household responsibilities taught me a valuable lesson in re-committing to the marriage vows I promised to Maria about 9 years ago.  It's amazing that, even though our marriage has remained strong, we both needed this time to rekindle our relationship and I believe we are much stronger as a couple for it.

One big realization I had during this past weekend is that real men share their feelings, and here's the best part... It's sooooo worth it!!!  It has been easy for me to tell countless couples, either in premarital or marital counseling that sharing feelings is vital for a healthy relationship, and to offer them tools was no problem at all.  But, to practice this myself has for some reason been a great challenge.  I know I have a long way to go, but what I have found so far is that not only is it great for husbands to share our feelings with our wives, but for us to actually listen to what our wives are trying to tell us regarding their feelings brings great and joyous blessing!

God created man and woman for one another... Your relationship with your spouse (or future spouse) is the most important relationship you will ever experience in this life.  I stand with the conviction that healthy churches thrive because of healthy couples, laity and clergy.  I resolve to make my marriage the best it can be, for the betterment of the world.

No matter where you are at in your relationship status: dating, married, single and looking, or single and staying, God's plan for healthy relationships includes the appropriate sharing of feelings with one another.  Will you resolve to make your relationships the best they can be, for one another and for God's kingdom?

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