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What I Learned About God On The Playground

When I look up at your skies, at what your fingers made-- the moon and the stars that you set firmly in place-- 
what are human beings that you think about them; what are human beings that you pay attention to them? 
You've made them only slightly less than divine, crowning them with glory and grandeur. 
(Psalm 8:3-5 Common English Bible)

Yesterday was my day to pick Andrew up from school, and thinking that he would be released at a certain time, I arrived at the school only to find that I was about 10 minutes early.  Much to my surprise however was that he and his classmates were outside playing before school ended.  Immediately a smile was brushed upon my face and my heart warmed with great joy as I watched my son enjoying the company of his friends and living life without a care in the world.

As I sat in the van, continuing to look on at my son and hoping that he wouldn't see me yet, I wondered about how God might see us as we live our lives.  I wondered if God experiences the same joy and warming of heart that I experience while watching both of our children play.  Then it struck me, Andrew didn't even know that I was there watching him, he didn't even seem to think that I would be there waiting for him.  

What if the same is true in our relationship with God?  

Think about it... Even when we don't notice God's presence in our lives, God is there.  

As we live out our lives, maybe not even aware that God cares for us, God is there.

When the time came for the children to go back inside, I entered the gated playground and no sooner did I make contact with the first kickball that came my way, I heard a precious voice say "daddy! you're here! I'm so glad you came to get me!"  Needless to say, even in trying to hold my composure outside, I became a sobbing puddle inside, right there on the elementary school playground.  Certainly God must feel this way when one of God's children recognizes his presence and says "daddy!  you're here!  I'm so glad you came to get me!"

God's heart melts when he thinks of you... No matter where you are from... No matter what you have done... God is there, watching, and waiting for you to notice him.  When you finally do notice him, God's arms are wide open and ready to embrace you with loving mercy.  

Maybe this is a call to notice God's presence in your life.  

Maybe it is a call to return to God's loving arms.

Maybe it is a call to be reminded that God never left.

How will you respond to this call?


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