A 300 And Jesus? In the Same Night?

Let's just say that I won't be winning any PBA tournaments any time soon.  Most Monday evenings during the Fall and Spring, you will probably find me at the local bowling alley as I bowl (or, at least show up to the bowling alley!) on our church league in town.  This past Monday, I had the opportunity to witness someone achieving the highest score in bowling, a 300.  Immediately after the cheering and applauding, a sea of people lined up to congratulate the winner.  After shaking the man's hand, I sat back down with my teammates and heard one of them say "I wonder if his luck will rub off on one of us!"  Teasingly, I said "yeah, I'm sure his next game will be a 120 now because he's so excited and he transferred all that skill to us!"  

This experience led me to think about Jesus and the story in Mark 5:24-43 where the woman with the issue of bleeding was trying to get close to Jesus and touched his clothes and was healed (Mark 5:27).  Her number one goal was to simply get close enough to Jesus so that she could experience his presence, and possibly be healed.  I began to think about how this relates to the season of Lent and our continued dependence upon God.  

Our desire to be close to God should be paramount to other desires and second only to our desire to serve God with all of our being.  Maybe it is when we seek to be close with God that we really begin to see our desires change, and the desires of our heart then become reality.  Even more amazing is the fact that God chose to be close to us through the person of Jesus Christ.  Today we still have the opportunity to experience the closeness of Christ by the power and presence of the Holy Spirit.

No, we didn't get any 300's the other night.  As a matter of fact, my bowling game deteriorated quite rapidly (which continued to remind me not to quit my day job).  But, I learned a great lesson about being close to God and God's closeness to me.

Be Blessed!


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