More Bread, Please!

As a pastor, I am completely blown away by my experiences with children in worship.  During the children's time (a time when I share a message with the children in the church during the worship hour), I have learned to simply allow whatever happens to take place as it may.  Sometimes the kids are distracted by talk of a video game or movie they just saw, or they are simply being children and wandering off subject as children (and some adults, like myself) do.  Even though they may veer off subject, what the children have to say and how they say it, is really quite important and I believe we adults need to listen more closely.

I am reminded of Jesus' words in Matthew 18:3-4 where he says that our faith should be that of a child's faith, for thus is the kingdom of heaven.  Even Jesus' words of caution to the religious leaders and disciples regarding our treatment of children points to the idea that children are vitally important in the kingdom of God (here and now).  

This past Sunday, I had an experience with the children in our worshiping congregation as we were preparing to partake of holy communion.  As I was blessing the bread and the juice, a small child from the back of the sanctuary came running toward the altar saying "I want some bread, please".  I was in shock initially, mostly because I have never experienced anyone doing this in the middle of the communion liturgy.  At first I have to admit, I was a bit confused.  Confused about how I would handle the next few precious moments and how my reaction would affect this young person's view of holy communion.  After I paused for a few seconds, I said "sure, have some bread" and the young child began to eat the bread.  I gently nudged the child back to the seating area and continued to process through the liturgy when I heard a child's voice once again, "more bread, please!"

"More Bread, Please!" WOW!  From the mouths of little children we hear great truths!  If only our persistence in seeking the Lord were as humble and genuine as this child.  So many times we approach communion, or worship in general, with the same ho-hum attitude when in fact the Lord has called us to ask for more of him!  Needless to say, this was a teaching moment for our congregation and for myself.  The next time I celebrate communion, I will be up front asking "more bread, please!"


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