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Meeting God at the Counter

Yesterday on my way to Wilmore, I participated in my weekly ritual of stopping along the way for a driving break and to grab some lunch.  Little did I know that I would learn something about being a disciple of Jesus.

Upon my entry into the restaurant I noticed a man sitting near the door with a look of need upon his face.  At the moment we made eye contact, I knew the question he was going to ask almost before he was to ask it, "do you have any money?" he said " My car ran out of gas and I need to get back on the road".  My immediate reply to him was that I do not give out money, but if he was hungry I could get him something to eat.  The man seemed thankful that I was offering to buy him lunch.  The events that had transpired up to this point were a repeat of events I have experienced several times, but what was to happen next taught me a lesson about what it means to be a follower of Christ.

When we approached the counter, I informed the cashier that the man ahead…