Strengthen Your Marriage - Do The Dishes Together!

It is truly amazing to see how normal, everyday life events can be used to strengthen relationships.  This evening, my wife and I were cleaning up after supper, all the while having a conversation about our day.  About halfway through finishing the dishes (I was cleaning, and she was putting them away), I mentioned to Maria that "It seems we have some of the best conversations over dishes!" to which she laughingly agreed.

Of course, it is great and important to have time set aside to spend with one another, however that is not always easy to do (especially when you have young children who constantly clamor for your attention).  One option is to begin doing tasks with one another (such as doing the dishes) to increase communication and to gain greater appreciation for one another.  It may or may not be the deep conversation and relationship building you and your spouse are looking for, but it may be a great beginning.  Give it a try, use the everyday moments for relationship building to the max.


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