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New Video Series - Rural Roots of the UMC

If you are interested in some United Methodist History, check out these videos!  It is really exciting to see that the Church is recognizing the power and significance of the smaller church.  Let me know what you think!


Anger Danger

“But what comes out of the mouth proceeds from the heart, and this defiles a person. ” (Matthew 15:18, ESV)

Nothing is more difficult to preach than a sermon that has brought conviction to the preacher.  Over the course of the seven-plus years that I have been preaching, I have experienced several "opportunities for growth" where the Holy Spirit has brought conviction upon my heart in the process of preparing and delivering a sermon.  I think this is good!  Especially given the fact that pastors are people too, we sin!  It is my prayer each and every time I deliver a sermon, that God's Word would be spoken through me and that I would have enough sense to get out of the way so that His Spirit can work through me.  This week is one of those instances where God is working heavily upon my heart as a pastor and more importantly, a follower of Christ.
In preparing for this Sunday's sermon on Matthew 5:21-37, God has brought a conviction upon my heart that I would like to sha…

Strengthen Your Marriage - Do The Dishes Together!

It is truly amazing to see how normal, everyday life events can be used to strengthen relationships.  This evening, my wife and I were cleaning up after supper, all the while having a conversation about our day.  About halfway through finishing the dishes (I was cleaning, and she was putting them away), I mentioned to Maria that "It seems we have some of the best conversations over dishes!" to which she laughingly agreed.

Of course, it is great and important to have time set aside to spend with one another, however that is not always easy to do (especially when you have young children who constantly clamor for your attention).  One option is to begin doing tasks with one another (such as doing the dishes) to increase communication and to gain greater appreciation for one another.  It may or may not be the deep conversation and relationship building you and your spouse are looking for, but it may be a great beginning.  Give it a try, use the everyday moments for relationship…