Give Me That Good 'Ol Berean Bible Study!

I love Mountain Dew, it's great stuff (and helps a bit in the ADD department).  I also remember some of the old Mountain Dew commercials, "give me that good 'ol Mountain Dew yeee haaw!"  I think we all reminisce on things like that and wish that we could have that feeling all over again.  As I read over Acts 17:10-15 and the Bereans' response to the preached Word, I can't help but think "I want that Berean spirit when I read the Word".  

This week our church is going to be starting a Bible reading campaign in an effort to read through the entire Bible in a year.  In an effort to encourage this, I am preaching on how we can benefit from reading and studying the Scriptures as well as the importance of reading Scripture in the life of a Christian.  It is my hope that from this, people will receive the Word "with great eagerness" (Acts 17:11) and will learn to examine the Scriptures with passion, just as the Bereans.

How is your personal Bible study going?  How do you respond when you hear the Word of God?  Take delight in the Word of God, go and grab a Mountain Dew (or your favorite caffeinated beverage, please no diet Dew!) and open up the Word!


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