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Lessons in Trust from a Honda Civic

This past weekend I traded my Honda Element in for a Civic as I needed a car with increased gas mileage for my weekly trips back and forth to seminary (600 miles round-trip).  One of the selling points (besides the mileage) was how safe the car would be on the road.  I was pleasantly surprised to hear that it had earned the coveted 5-star crash safety rating by the government.  Hearing this brought greater ease to my mind as I thought about the many miles I would be putting on a new vehicle (and the precious cargo that I would be carrying at times).

As I reflect back upon my decision to purchase the car, and the trust I placed in the man-made technology, I couldn't help but think about my faith in Christ.  If you think about it, traveling at just 40mph and getting into a crash could send several TONS of force upon your body, causing significant damage or even death.  Yet, we travel "safely" at 70mph + without any thought. 

The question is why I would place my trust so willingly in a traveling piece of metal and plastic without even blinking an eye, and yet when it comes to my faith in Christ, I waiver and doubt.  My initial thought is that because of our sinful nature and tendency to trust our flesh, it is much easier to rationalize trust in something we can tangibly see and touch, not to mention the "proof" of scientific data.  This is not to say that scientific data is not to be trusted, as God has given us the muscle between our ears to think with (I know, the brain is not a muscle, but humor me), but there are exceptions to the rules at times.

I find encouragement in the never-failing Word of God, that our joy and strength is found in our trust of the Lord (Psalm 33:21, 71:5).  I have also found that it is precisely when I am in a season of doubt or spiritual dryness that leaning on God's love provides me with the faith and trust I have needed all along.  Even greater still is the fact that it is only by God's grace that you and I are even capable of trust and faith (Romans 3:22-25).  To me, this means that we can truly believe what is stated by Paul to the Philippians in Philippians 4:13 "I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength". 

Remember, it is the strength of Christ working within you to provide faith and trust in a world of doubt and fear.

Romans 8:37

For the Kingdom!


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