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Lessons in Trust from a Honda Civic

This past weekend I traded my Honda Element in for a Civic as I needed a car with increased gas mileage for my weekly trips back and forth to seminary (600 miles round-trip).  One of the selling points (besides the mileage) was how safe the car would be on the road.  I was pleasantly surprised to hear that it had earned the coveted 5-star crash safety rating by the government.  Hearing this brought greater ease to my mind as I thought about the many miles I would be putting on a new vehicle (and the precious cargo that I would be carrying at times).

As I reflect back upon my decision to purchase the car, and the trust I placed in the man-made technology, I couldn't help but think about my faith in Christ.  If you think about it, traveling at just 40mph and getting into a crash could send several TONS of force upon your body, causing significant damage or even death.  Yet, we travel "safely" at 70mph + without any thought. 

The question is why I would place my trust so wi…

Have You Ever Thought?

This morning, I stopped at our local Salvation Army to drop off some hat and glove donations from our mitten tree at the church.  This is nothing unusual, as I have been there several times in the past.  But, today I felt a bit different because when I dropped off the donations, the lady at the front desk had mentioned that she had promised a gentleman who entered the day before that there would be hat and glove donations for him.  She was stepping out in faith and believing that God would provide for that gentleman.

Needless to say, the fine folks in our church have donated not only hats and gloves for children, but also some adult sizes as well!  I don't want to complicate the simple message in this life lesson, but to say that God is good and can work through our charity to others.  I can't help but think of Hebrews 13:2 where the author speaks of entertaining angels when we serve strangers.

Have you ever thought about what God may be doing in your life right now, in relati…

Transformed and Renewed- A Look at Romans 12:1-21

In many churches around the world, this Sunday will be celebrated as what is known as Baptism of the Lord Sunday.  On this particular day, we remember not only that Jesus was baptized by John in the Jordan (Mark 1:9), but that through the sacrament of baptism we are making a public affirmation of our faith.  In the United Methodist Church, we make a big deal about baptism and the effects of baptism in and through our lives.  Though it is vital and important, we recognize that the sacrament of baptism is not salvation from sin, but is our response to God's grace that has already been poured out upon us. (for a more in-depth look at United Methodists and Baptism, including why we baptize infants, see By Water and the Spirit: A United Methodist Understanding of Baptism - Available as a PDF Download here).  With this in mind I would like to share some insights on transformation and renewal found in Romans 12.

 Just before this chapter in Romans, Paul speaks of the grafting in of the G…