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A Cup of Coffee and an Oil Change

What does it take to motivate me to start a new blog? Getting my oil changed and stopping into a coffee house seem to have done the trick. It seems as though I am more apt to find inspiration when surrounded by others, yet strangely enough I feel as though I am alone. Yes, I'm starting fresh with a new blog as I haven't had the creative juices flowing for a good theme or a creative title until now.

Lately, I have been inspired by John Wesley's journal writings and sermons to the people he called Methodists. The title Strangely Warmed speaks of Wesley's experience at Aldersgate when he felt the presence of the Holy Spirit warming him from the inside. Of course, those who have not experienced the presence of Christ in their life will have a difficult time understanding this experience, but to those of us who know Christ as our Lord know that the presence of His Spirit is so comforting and brings about a peace that really does transcend all that we understand.

It is my…